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4 Responses to “Articles and Interviews”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I heard President Carter being interviewd by Terri Gross yesterday about his new book. It made me think back to my interesting fith grade experience. I grew up in Israel, after after emmigrating from Pittsburgh in 1975. Menachem Begin’s granddaughter Ayelet Miloh was in my class during that time. Because of this we were often taken to the TV room at school to watch the proceedings of the Camp David Accords and of course when Sadaat came to Jerusalem. Our school had a huge party with dancing and peace songs. It was an amazing experience. WE were all sure that peace would keep growing every year and that time for worries was over.

    Later in the sixth grade, for our graduation play a professional director was
    hired to create a play about Peace, ending with the Camp David accords and all of our hopes to live in peace with our neighbors.

    Somewhere at that school in Ma’oz Aviv Israel, there is a movie of the event. Begin himself attended. The audience was in tears. One of the songs we performed was the same one Rabin was singing when he was murdered. It was one of the most moving events in my life, and the memory still is.

    With a background in international development and peacebuilding, I try to do what I can to push the learnings of peacebuilding in my own Jewsish community. I belong to Brit Tzedek v’Shalom, the American Progressive Jewish Lobby. I am sure somebody at the Carter Center must know we exist.

    I thought the interview was brilliant, and perhaps some momentum can be gained to push those ideas forward. I plan to read the book as soon as I can.

    For many years I have hoped to find a person who could help search for a copy of the recording of our school play, perhaps follow up on the participants and their beliefs and hopes today.
    Best wishes for this holiday season.

  2. HOWARD CORT Says:

    Inspiring story. Jimmy may have started a trend!

  3. Ellen Shifrin Says:

    Good interview with Carter on CBC The Current.

  4. Ann Wright Says:

    I very much appreciate ex President Carter’s invention on this topic. It brings welcome balance to the debate. I spent four months earlier this year in Israel and the West Bank and was shocked and saddened by what I saw. If anyone is interested in my reactions please go to

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