Excellent Jimmy Carter Debate on Democracy Now!

First, the news: this week we hit 2000 thank yous! My very rough estimate is that a fifth are from countries outside North America, one third have Arab or Muslim names, and about fifteen percent are Jewish.

Forty of you have signed up to the Israel-Palestine Working Group of Progressive Democrats of America. Thank you! I look forward to getting to know you better.

Here is the link to the debate between Norman Finkelstein and Gil Troy over Carter’s book. The format allows for both speakers to really articulate their views, so you can get an authentic feel for each side – much better than most news show formats. Maybe we’ll never see Carter and Dershowitz on Crossfire, but this is better.


2 Responses to “Excellent Jimmy Carter Debate on Democracy Now!”

  1. Matthew Taylor Says:

    Hey, check out my op-ed on the carter book here, it ran in the berkeley daily planet:

  2. Drs. Delmas J. and Sarah B. Allen Says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to give our support for a renewed effort to energize the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Discussions/Solutions to promote a single, secular state for both Palestinians and Jews to live in in harmony (not an apartheid as currently exists in Israel) as equals and citizens of a secular state including all of the land confiscated by Israel in 1948 and sharing Jerusalem and Bethelem and all the holy sites which belong to the world for visitation and religious purposes. Bless the entire Middle East for now and the future.

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