A Thousand Thank Yous….

It has been amazing to see the outpouring of support for President Carter’s new book. If you are landing here but don’t know that this is about, click here to add your public thank you and comment.

If may interest folks to know that some amazing people have signed this letter. These include Sam Bahour, an American-Palestinian living in Ramallah, Gila Svirsky of the Israeli Coalition of Women for Peace, Sami Awad of the Holy Land Trust, author Paul Rogat Loeb, Progressive Democrats of America Director Tim Carpenter,  future Congresswoman Marcy Winograd, and Adam Keller & Beate Zilbershmidt of Gush Shalom.

Thanks to all of you! For those of you coming from various blogs and newsletters, please add a comment below with any interesting links you’d like to share.


13 Responses to “A Thousand Thank Yous….”

  1. sharon lynch Says:

    Thank you, President Carter, for bringing some truth and humanity into the office of President. Thank you for stepping up and telling the world the truth about what is happening in Palestine and Israel.

  2. Daniel Lynx Beranrd Says:

    Thank you, President Carter, for telling the truth. Hopefully this will be the beginnnig the end of the wall of bias that prevents Americans from speaking ill about official Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people.

  3. susan abulhawa Says:

    I haven’t a doubt that you knew there would be a backlash against you, including a smear campaign. You forged ahead, nonetheless. I believe your decision not to waiver on the theme of your book comes from a deep sense of love and compassion for your fellow human beings.
    I have always considered you to be one of the few moral authorities of our time. Thank you, Jimmy Carter, for your love and courage.

  4. ellen Says:

    I certainly agree with all the comments lauding President Carter, but I regret that apparently he now feels a need to ‘explain’ himself to Jews. This is according to a headline I saw on CNN, Sunday, December 17. I haven’t been able to confirm this.
    Say it isn’t so, Jimmy!

  5. Jayron Finan Says:

    Thank you President Carter. The true way to pace is by seeing both sides of the story.

  6. clenchner Says:

    Ellen, I thought about deleting your comment, but decided to address it instead….
    Carter is sensitive to people’s feelings, esp. Jews who are concerned that criticism of Israel increases the threat to Israel’s existence. Mitigating that sense of threat is important, to help change US foreign policy. In Carter’s case, he really wants a secure Israel alongside a state of Palestine, so he is not a threat. He gets points for treating American Jews and Israelis as people who need to be taken into account.

    The main problem is that politicians refuse to treat Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims with the same care and attention. But it is also a smaller problem that some pro-Palestinians are willing to dismiss legitimate concerns from those who side with Israel. I support the idea that we should have genuine concern for all sides – and their are far more than two in this instance.

  7. Marcia Says:

    Yes, even just the title of this book is a step toward opening Americans’ minds.

    Thanks, Jimmy.

  8. Barbara J. Cullen (Vancouver) Says:

    Thank you Mr. Carter,

    Your recent book that challenges the biased media on Palestine is the beginning of high profile attention been drawn to the issues. As we both have struggled for the past decades for justice & the rights of the human person in the Middle East. We know all too well how difficult it is to get a clear message regarding the plight of Palestinians. I hope this book can stimulate the necessary discussions over the next months.

    The peoples of America, Canada & the world need to now the truth of the situation, from all perspective. The vale of silence is broken, the people have much to learn about what has been happening. Your book – is an excellent contribution. Many thanks Jimmy Carter, I hope many other can show the courage the you have.

    In Peace,

    Barbara J. Cullen

  9. Wael Saad Says:

    In spite of all of the intimidation, humiliation and character assassination, Jimmy Carter stands up for the truth and for the meek.
    He stood up as a real Christian fighting for truth and justice and against fascism.

    God bless you Mr. President for your honorable and courageous stands.

  10. bill maloney Says:

    God bless you for having the courage to tell the truth,take strength just by the ferocity of the attacks on you,you must have struck a nerve,peace,bill maloney

  11. Steve Bonser Says:

    Is America ready for truth and honesty in our political and military dealings with the rest of the world? Sadly, probably not. As the wealthiest, most militaristic global superpower (for now), we’re simply not yet able to look our imperialistic tendancies straight in the eye. We used to at least appear to have the moral high ground and the trust of the greater percentage of humanity. Now, that is simply not the case. The days of America and Israel beng given the benefit of the doubt for being truthful and above reproach are long over. However, we can eventually earn back our prestige – but only if we stop consuming a wildly disproportionate percentage of the world’s resources, resist the temptation to exert power over the world and develop a domestic media that actually reports on what our government does in our name with our taxes. Until then, a few lone voices like those of Mr. Carter, a man of rare integrity in this era of corrupt, lying American politicians will have to shine the light where none exists.

  12. Becky Says:

    Thank you Mr. Carter for taking a stand against wrong doings. This Palestinian/Israeli conflict is not about anti-semitism it is about evil being done. hence, aren’t Arab’s semitic, being from the seed of Abraham? Is wrongs against them anti-semtic as well?
    The veil is starting to come down, even in the Churhes. We are sold so much propoganda in the US to support the Zionist goverment. We are always told to support Israel and many Evangelical Christians lobby for it but don’t truly understand what they are supporting. The very theology Jesus railed against in the Bible.
    My Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ would be appalled and is looking down from Heaven seeing what is going on their tody. This is ot of God. That wall, is not about keeping terrorist out, it is about keeping terrorist out but Jewish. The Israeli goverment is at fault. There are many wonderful Israeli Jews who are against this, apartheid which is what I agree it is.
    We can love and support Israel as a nation, which I do as a Christian, but we do not have to endorse the Israeli Zionist leadership in Israel.

  13. cymnreantee Says:

    Truthful words, some truthful words dude. You made my day!!

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