More than 400 Thank Yous and counting….

Wow! Considering how little I did to publicize this, the reaction has been fantastic. We have signers from more than 40 states, and many from Palestine and Israel. A number of you have written me directly with suggestions for following up, to make the most of the opportunity that Carter has given us.

These include: a letter to the editor campaign, a national book party for peace week, help groups make bulk purchases of the book to sell at cost,  and collecting funds for an ad in the national press, or smaller amounts to purchase some Google ads. Please add your thoughts and opinions in the form of comments, below.

PS: I’m also willing to consider adding more links to this page, if you want to recommend an organization, or an article about Carter’s book appearences.


6 Responses to “More than 400 Thank Yous and counting….”

  1. edward Tawil Says:

    A man of honesty and courage.

  2. I Eways Says:

    Thank you for your pursuit of peace and justice.

  3. anonymous Says:

    A diarist at has publicized this sitewhich is why I know of it but just in case no one has said so to you yet; Thank You for doing this.

  4. Marcia Says:

    People might also try to write book reviews for their local newspapers. That could help raise the book’s profile.

    I don’t know how to make inroads with the book-club folks…

  5. J. Edwards Says:

    Thank You for your effords to bring peace to I/P conflict.

  6. Tam Ahmed Says:

    Thank for your courage to write this.
    I was so pleasantly surprised to listen to your interview on NPR.

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