Thank you.

I created this site to support President Jimmy Carter’s efforts to promote peace in Israel and Palestine. Check out the links to articles and interviews about his new book, Peace Not Apartheid. Please email me additional links; post your supportive comments below; and write brief articles about how Carter’s book is helping to promote peace and change US foreign policy. If you haven’t done so already, sign the petition so your voice can be counted. If you need to reach me – do so at clenchner at


11 Responses to “Thank you.”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Thank you President Carter for courageously writing about Israel’s brutal treatment of Palestinians. The majority of Americans support your views, but the critics who are representatives of Jewish groups want to maintain the silence on this subject. Unfortunately, the majorty cannot get their views published because the Jewish groups have a monopoly on the media.

    It is time that America starts discussing this issue just as Israelis, Europeans and the rest do. It is time Americans understand that Israel’s occupation and colonization of Palestinian land is the root cause of terrorism including 9/11 attacks.

  2. Ruth Says:

    Jimmy, you are absolutely brilliant. I voted for twice for you and I believe you are one of the greatest Americans of all time.

    My husband is Jewish. His grandparents were killed in the Nazi death camps. He believes that Israel is guilty of crimes against humanity in its treatment of the Palestinians. He is also opposed to all war. The majority of Jews in America agree with you and not with AIPAC. It is time for the violence and the attacks on the supporters of peace to end.

    You have my best wishes. Don’t let the name-callers get you down.

    Ruth Hull-Richter
    Chairman, Patrick Henry Democratic Club of America

  3. Dan Burnstein Says:

    I appreciate your insights and candor. Israelis and American Jews need to realize that the actions of Israel the state are not necessarily the actions that reflect the values of Judaism. And, the sooner the Israelis work towards peace with justice, the sooner they will have real security. In the long run I believe there will be a regional, one-state solution, with protection for all religions, faiths and ethnic groups. There is a group of Jews, Muslims and Christians working towards this end; and it is small, as small as all great ideas that take some time to grow into commonly accepted wisdom.

  4. Pearl Volkov Says:

    I appreciate the PDA sending out a petition to support President Carter and his book. I do not support Ms. Pelosi’s comment that he does not represent the views of the Democratic Pafty and so stated in my petition. As a Jew and registered Democrat I have long been disturbed by the role of Israel in its treatment of the Palestinians and other decisions such as the turmoil of the war against Hezbollah and the destruction of Lebanon.

    I was going to write the PDA about this and was happy to see you are on the ball on this issue.

    Keep up the fine work. Now, to get out of Iraq!

  5. Shaker Lashuel Says:

    One thing is obvious, and that is we can’t continue to deny the humanity of Palestinians. Injustice will not stand and conflict will continue for as long as we choose to be one sided about this issue. Our country as the sole super power, and the only nation with potential credibility with both sides has an obligation and responsibility to deal with the Palestinian-Israeli question. An issue we must face with courage as displayed by President Carter. Congress, Senate and the media must rid themselves of the selfcensorship when it comes to Israel. The truth is so blinding for us to continue to ignore it and it’s found in an objective book by someone who has nothing to lose, Jimmy Carter.

    It’s people like Jimmy Carter who renew our faith in the ideals of our society and the character of the American individual.

  6. LaVonne Rytting Says:

    Thanks, Jimmy Carter, for being intelligent and kind. I voted for you twice and I am certain the world would be a better place if you had been our President for 8 years.

  7. eileen fleming Says:

    I have been to OPT four times since June 2005 and report on:

    My first book:
    *KEEP HOPE ALIVE is the Book of the Month for December on:

    [CROSSLEFT is a PROGRESSIVE Christan site]

    “Keep Hope Alive” was inspired by and documents the life of Khaled Diab, a 1948 Muslim refugee from the Upper Galilee who made his way to America and into a career in the Defense industry with top-secret clearance during the Cold War. At the age of 78, Khaled ponders the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001 and is compelled to take positive action. Along with USA Jews, Christans and Muslims he founds the nonprofit, nonpolitical OTFFP

    100% OF ALL PROCEEDS FOR KEEP HOPE ALIVE ARE BEING DONATED TO THIS 501 3-c to plant Olive Trees for Peace in Israel Palestine.

    So far 30,000 olive trees for peace have been rooted in the Holy Land.

    My 2nd book: THIRD INTIFADA/UPRISING NONVIOLENT: But With Words Sharper Than a Two Edged Sword
    Subtitle: Memoirs of a Nice Irish American Girl in Occupied Territory

    will be released in Feb 2007.

    My March 2006 video interview:

    “30 Minutes with Vanunu”


  8. J. Edwards Says:

    Thank you Pres. Carter for having backbone to speak the truth. God Bless!

  9. Helen Schneider Says:

    The world needs more of your assessment and your knowledge about the state of the world today. Unless ALL PEOPLE can be honest with themselves and with others, there will be conflict. We thank you for your courage to stand up and tell it like it is. The Palestinian people have been through a shredder for so many years. It is good that there are those of us who care enough to give the truth a chance and to let those beleaguered people know they are not alone. Thank you and know that many, many of us are grateful to you.

  10. Peter Robinson Says:

    I have just read Jimmy Carter’s book and it is a clear and well-written history of the issues and history and Palestine and Israel and I would thoroughly recommend it. Perhaps as a follow-up, there could be some analysis of the lobbying and other forces at work in the US which make the government so reticent to take the lead in promoting a just settlement.

  11. Jeanne Capozzoli Says:

    All Americans owe Jimmy Carter a big Thank You for helping to make us aware of the horrific damage the Israel Lobby has done to our country. I admire his courage for speaking out for it is certain that anyone who does will be vilified by The Lobby — and he was. History will note that his leadership on this issue helped to create a crack in the “wall of silence” on the power and damage of AIPAC, the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations , etc. etc. The hour is late, but we must free United States Middle East policy from the hands of the Israeli Lobby.

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